hawk1701 (hawk1701) wrote in we_love_nappy,

Anybody here know Bourrienne? I'd really like to know what you all think of him, and his the memoirs he wrote. Napoleon trusted very few people, and it appeared to me he called very few others friends. But Bourrienne was amoung the privledged few. During the time they knew each other, or rather when he worked for Napoloen (they knew each other since they were kids) they spent alot of time together, alot of time. And then there was a big fight . . . any thoughts? I happened to love the memoirs, I love his writing, i love the way he wrote about Napoloen, and I often felt while reading them, that I could feel what he felt. And while Napoloen could sometimes be a caring, passionate person, at other times he could really hurt you, as Bourrienne found out. Thanks for reading. -Aimee
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