Qui est..__ parfait \\ (_aspen_) wrote in we_love_nappy,
Qui est..__ parfait \\

Are you Napoleon?

If I could meet anybody ever living in the whole word -- you bet your life it'd be Napoleon. *sigh* Eh, forgive me if I mess up this cut thing.... I'm a noob.

Name: Aspen
Age: 16
Why you wish to join: Napoleon should rule the world. I mourn every May 5th.
Anything you could contribute to the community?: Uhm. I know lots about Napoleon.
How did you find us: I looked for Napoleon.
One a scale from 1-10 [10=highest] how much Napoleonic history do you know?: Eh. I'd say a good 8 or 9.
Describe yourself in one word, why?: Awesome. Because I am.
Just for reference, do you own a pair of chucks aka Converse Allstars?: Argh. I wish. I want some greens SO BADLY. Alas, I am too broke to get any until Kroger effing gives me a job.
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