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Are you Napoleon?

Since I joined, even though I created it, I should do the LJ-cut survey. Okay, it's because I'm bored and waiting to go to school for evil finals. :P

Name: Raina
Age: 14, 15 in 21 days
Why you wish to join: Because I love Mr. Nappy
Anything you could contribute to the community?: ..making it!
How did you find us: I thought.
One a scale from 1-10 [10=highest] how much Napoleonic history do you know?: 1.8
Describe yourself in one word, why?: Random; and... I kind of all spontaneous!
Just for reference, do you own a pair of chucks aka Converse Allstars?: Indeed! 3 of them, and I am deeply in love with them. <3

There you go! Okay, time to leave the house and take finals of death.

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