sasdfgdsgd (chapstick_chick) wrote in we_love_nappy,

Are you Napoleon?

Name: Joanna
Age: 16
Why you wish to join: BECAUSE it is NAPOPLEON. And not that silly little red-head, the REAL napoleon. This rocks. My favorite historical figure EVER has his own community. AHahhaa.
Anything you could contribute to the community?: Icons, banners, Napoleon love
How did you find us: through the interests search
One a scale from 1-10 [10=highest] how much Napoleonic history do you know?: 9.99
Describe yourself in one word: Historynerd
Just for reference, do you own a pair of chucks aka Converse Allstars?: Hrm... I used to. They're too small now. I should probably get a new pair.
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